Centr Space captures the energy of your idea and brings it to life. Whether it's in a design, a mobile app or a website, Centr Space is here to deliver.
The most important part of your project is not the idea itself; Rather, it's the people you are surrounded with as that idea comes to life. We bring the experience required to make the building journey both measured and productive.
Whether the project is big or small, you need a team that delivers creative energy as we bring your strategic goals and innovative vision into alignment.
It doesn't have to be complicated. What we love about the building process is helping you find the things that really matter to you and your customers. With this information, we can create a digital experience that lets the main thing be the main thing.
We're not just a pretty face. We bring real value to your project, your organisation and your customers. We don't just do this because we love it, but also because we believe in digital products that can have real impact
We execute projects using concise and logical workflows.
We want to hear what you, your customers and your business needs. What problems need solving? What kind of an impact does this project need to have?
We define what we're going to build, how we're going to build it, and what that process will look like. We get important feedback from all stakeholders and define a shared the vision of the end result.
We build. We execute according to a defined list of deliverables, gathering important feedback along the way and pivoting throughout the development process to optimise the problem-solving functionality of the final product.
With a functional prototype, we can now test, iterate and deliver the final result. The end product is assessed against the project's deliverables and against the clearly defined needs of its users. Ongoing product support, iteration and additional feature implementation follows.

Our mission is to see your business and community thrive, as you partner with us to achieve your vision. We look beyond just the technical aspects of building digital products, and we focus in on the humans who will interact with these products. It is our hope that we can be a part of shaping people into their best selves, building stronger communities and more resilient businesses, as we go about doing building and doing what we love.